Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

I’m considering picking this up looks pretty immersive and fun co-op

Anyone else interested?

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If you like playing slow and stealthy il join ya.

I like taking my time and completely spotting everyone before I go in.
If I get caught il go loud but I prefer stealth.

It’s hard to find ppl for me to play with cause I think ppl tend to get bored cause how i play lol.


I hated how it turned Wildlands into another Division with all the level-locked RPG stuff.


You can turn it off which makes the game better tbh lol.

I hated the gear system too.
Sucks you cant do the raid without gear level on tho.

I have it it’s fun
They got a terminator DLC that pretty fun

Breakpoint is pretty decent , they update it pretty regular aswell . I’ve never really played the multiplayer. I’m more of a lone wolf 😁

I bought and beat wildlands twice. Really enjoyed the predator mission and gear.

Is breakpoint worth it after playing wildlands? Was also considering this especially with the sale going on.
Just bought residemt evil 3 the other week.


I like mil-sim style games and have no issue with a tactical approach

I’ve been seeing quite a few youtube videos saying there is supposed to be more content coming this year too

I’ll let you know when it’s installed

Well play the hardest difficulty with no HUD 😎

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Wildlands was dope. Break point was bad

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Never played wildlands but it looks very similar

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They’re both good. Breakpoint started rough, but its fixed now and the bonus content is neat. Wildlands HAD a Pred bonus mission, but its gone now. Breakpoint still has Terminators you can turn on and off easily.


Like T800 endoskeletons?!

When I get a ps5 pro I’m getting the Terminator game

Yes. And flesh covered ones. Mostly the flesh ones. You can damage them and they show the skeleton etc. They’re tough as nails. Can only actually be disabled by a particular rifle.

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Definitely getting it now!

What about a special map?

Enjoy. Ive finished the main campaign. It’s good. Haven’t started the other normal stuff yet, but I did finish the terminator story line.

I dont do mil-sim lol.

I like my hud.
But definitely hardest difficulty.

Can I still mil-sim?

Or do I have to be a puss like you 😅

I’d probably ruin it for you lmao.
I’m not really a fan of mil-sim.

As long as you’re not expecting me to roleplay mil-sim we should be fine lol.

Bitch, it’s not being a puss its using tech >_<.
How dare you sir.

I don’t mean use lingo etc just go hudless with real tactics