Ghost Specialization Improvement

Chopper’s Ghost Specialization needs a little more added to it rather than a buff to melee damage. I think it’s damage is in a good place but it just needs a little more other things to make it viable for it’s melee benefis. @IllFonic

•After attacking from cloak, if parried, The predator will receive damage reduction for the stun duration by 30%.

•If the predator connects a hit on the fireteam player’s back while cloaked, he will heal 20 HP.

•After uncloaking from a successful melee hit without being parried, the predator will receive 5 seconds of 15% movement speed boost and to Predkour.

•It takes 6 seconds longer to be able to cloak again after using melee (hit or miss strikes).

•While Cloaked the predator will receive a 20% damage reduction to explosion based weaponry (grenades, rocket launcher, and grenade launcher).

•Does not work with remain cloaked after a melee strike perk (if that perk ever gets added if not then ignore this suggestion peace).

These will help a bit for stealthy melee strikes to feel rewarding, prevent cloak spamming to abuse buffs, adding in more gameplay variety for hit and run tactics, and “tank” a little extra hits from extremely strong fireteam weaponry for the low HP pred boies that need it. Thank you @IllFonic for reading this when you can.

You know what… I’ll just add in the other two feedback here for Chopper’s Specializations rather than creating a whole new post, they’re kinda small anyways.


•While uncloaked, foot steps are silent but clicking noises begin.

•While Cloaked the predator can swap gear items 10% faster.

•Stealth Kills while cloaked are moderately faster.

•Stealth kills while not cloaked are completely silent.

• Successful stealth kills without entering second wind rewards the predator with a permanent 2% stackable damage buff unless the radio is reinforced, then it’ll reset.


•Buff the reduce parry stun duration a little more.

•A reverse Ironside to take reduced damage (so instead of back it’s everything from the front while parried).

•Drops 1 emergency bear trap (can only be dropped once every 5 minutes after being parried).

I think that stealth kills should disable predator taking any damage until he finishes animation of stealth killing. Pretty much give predator few seconds to enter Godmode until stealth kill stops.

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You should know they dont listen.

An iframe could work. I like that too

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True but hopefully the new dev team working on the game will do more maybe?

Is there a new team?

I havent followed anything new going on.

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According to IGN, yes?

They worded it kinda strange so I just “assumed” that’s what it meant since Illfonic as a company has always work on the game.

I asked my friend who’s a developer and he said that could potentially mean it’s a new Dev team, so I’ll take his word for it for now. Since he has experience in understanding of how things work lol I’m just an idiot that wants to kill n’ chill in video games 💀

You are not idiot, you are smart and educated. And very familiar and you do resarch.

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Ain’t no saving this game.

Honestly if they would of listened to us when many of us where trying to help fix the game, this game would of been great. It had good potential.

Hopefully the Sawz gets a nerf at least because that thing is just too much

I was playing Chopper and 1 shot basically took half my HP away 😭

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Legit 50% hp, or you exaggerating?

Cause it’s not far off unless its stronger now.

Before with all the perks and exploits, it was like 40% I think.

Base damage was always like 25% or a bit more honestly.

It was an assault. I think he had reckless or fanatic and probably bane. In combination with his passive.

I think I saved a screenshot cuz I was showing my broski. If I find it, I’ll share it

Ok it ain’t half but close

Yeeeep, that right there Is avarage damage.

Its been broken. Its ridiculous.
That’s legit like 25% hp.

4-5 shots, you’re dead. Broken as hell.

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No need to nerf fireteam, just buff predators. HP increase by double.

Imma actually try this out in private matches and see how it feels. Could be a good change

You have to set modifiers for that.
Predator health 200%.

They will never