Ghost town

I don’t about anyone else it feels like a damn ghost town now. There’s no content worth talking about and fun shit gets taken down even in off topic. How long before I start seeing more I’m leaving the forums posts and not the @badblood kind? I don’t think I can handle giving out too many K’s before I have to leave one on myself.


Perfect setting for ghostbusters

Yeah I feel ya there.

It’ll suck because IllFonic sucks.

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Arcadegeddon looks like a pretty crisp game for what it is. I think they are improving, but PHG is dead.

fair enough. memes aside I hope ghostbusters isn’t a mess like phg, but me being optimistic about it would be a lie.

I’m not either, but i withhold criticism until i see more.

I don’t really know much about that game tbh other than it doesn’t look like something I’d play. I don’t really care much for ghostbusters either so I could care less there. It’s a shame this game was just a stepping stone for those though.

Same here. Phg was a disappointment in my eyes. It could have been so much more. But, it was/is still fun for many folks.

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It’s still fun for me but disappointing in knowing what it could have been. Oh well.


Don’t understand how anyone here can continue to support illfonic with any future endeavors. Your all suckers if you do. 🤡

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Amen to that, brother.

If the game is good and you like it, then you buy it and play it. This isn’t some moral dilemma

it’s official, illfonic killed PHG, now they butchered the forums. But hey, i might stick around in this ghost town. Call me the marshall.

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this game has so much potential, wasted for less exciting games.

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Sure same thing will happen with Ghostbusters. But ppl don’t want to learn. Shame

certainly is.

In the meantime, I’ll be chilling with the remnants of the forums and the noobs.