Clearly not enough people are asking for this

Let our voices be heard

We need more maps




Don’t waste your breath they don’t listen. At all. Next we will be getting a FT member based on some other stupid irrelevant character, cause they said so. We won’t be getting anything we ask for


I’ve spent $80 on this game and only have one new map 😭

There had better be double the amount of maps next update or I’m out


Oh trust me I’m agreeing with you. I’m just saying you won’t get anything you ask for cause there DLC is on rails and they just don’t listen to feedback



clears throat samurai exists
Viking exists
We have two different paid DLC’s for Arnold
Marshawn Lynch is in the game
Clash exists
Every pred dlc has come with a melee weapon
(We have asked for more gadgets and utility/ranged weapons because melee is a death sentence)
Buffs to Bane
Buffs to thick skin
One new map released since launch
I feel like I need to repeat MARSHAWN LYNCH IS IN THE GAME (before we got all the movie predators mind you)
And I shit you not I could keep going


Oh yeah and how could I have forgotten, Valk predator, now exists


Tbh they released a map (excavation) and everyone hated it with a passion. (Personally I enjoy it).

At least they gave us tools for now to be able to modify the game as we please, to make the way we have been playing the game, fresh and new.

This also opens up the realm for the community to assist in the creation and honing of this game, instead of the soul responsibility of game modes and such being on Illfonic, (clash was a bust). They could borrow or be inspired by their communities ideas played through in the game?

Maps can always be added later, but the foundation of the game got a HUGE boost in support and allows people to play the game, the way they want.

Pred finally feels like pred as well.


I find there is something to appreciate on each map as I enjoy them all

The performance/visual improvements have me appeased for now

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Fucking thank you! 👏
This has to be the most ridiculous update yet. I said it would be lackluster and I was right but fuck me I didn’t expect it to be this dumb. How anyone can defend them after this I will never know because this is taking the piss now. And people lambasted me for saying they should add AI Pred and FT because it would “take too many resources and time away from the multiplayer” yet we get a fucking big head mode that nobody asked for which has definitely taken away time and resources from giving us a good mode like the 3v12. I’m so done with this game. I hope the 10 people left playing it will enjoy it before they announce they’re shutting down the servers after the next update lmfao.


Preach dude


You realize almost everyone asked for custom private matches right?
So that’s something they did listen too.

No where near enough but yu know.

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Custom private matches yes.

Big head mode definitely not lol

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Maybe it’s going to come down to one of you talented people actually doing all the drawings and design work yourself 😜 there’s got to be some talented artists and some urban planning nerds out on the hunt somewhere…

  • Just email them 99% of the work done and then they have no excuse
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They can barely even fix the bugs in this game let alone come out with an update without causing more bugs asking them to make a new map is like asking them to move a fucking mountain at this point


Maps are going to take the absolute longest to develop out of everything.

DBD takes forever to develop balanced maps and theirs are literally just a couple corners, some boxes, tall grass, and vaultable windows.

I liked excavation but modded maps definitely aren’t happening UE is not made for modding.

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But the samurai Predator was a fan-made Predator if I remember correctly and it being in the game is pretty awesome

You obviously have the right to think that. So I’m glad you’re enjoying him! I just personally find him a dumb concept seeing as it makes me think of a human dressing up like a monkey. Like why would you dress up as a species you hunt that you view as inferior. Just looks like less of a predator to me and more of a Power Ranger Villain

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I’m pretty sure only bad bloods view people as inferior (which is only like 10% of bad bloods that exists) Yautja’s really only hunt creatures that are worthy prey and deadly. Some Humans have been part of Yautja clans and lived on Yautja Prime. So, if Yautja’s allow people to practice their ways and live with them on their planet, I don’t see why they wouldn’t do the same by admiring the people they hunt.
It makes sense too because if you hunt something, or the same thing alot it’s only natural to begin to observe and study your prey to better understand and exploit it’s weakness

The way of a Samurai is similar to a Predator. In defeat they either kill themselves or find a way to redeem themselves but I guess that can go with any culture or an individual person based on the situation or whatever xD