Glitch spots need fixing asap

Illfonic, please patch all the spots on backwater with the ft going under the houses it’s a place the predator can’t really fight them in, and it’s really frustrating seeing the whole ft under there. Until then I’m backing out of lobbys if I get backwater I’m not gonna be playing on that map anymore, it already was my least favorite map and the glitch spots make it worse, thank you.

While it’s kinda dumb, just have patience.

They will get bored just as quickly as you (and there’s 4 of them).
They need to beat the timer, not you.

Eventually they will come out and start doing the objective.

They really do need to patch it either let the Predator crawl under there after them or resort to full blown caster spam and they die really quick in panicy groups. If they do it near the edges, use the combistick and it will clip through and snag them. You can even throw the disc in there sometimes and it will butcher a cluster of em.

But yes, it’s boring as FT as well because a lot of predators won’t do anything for a full 15 and it’s a snooze fest.

You can crawl under there as predator at least in one spot, I did it but I got sprayed down immediately and died.

I know how u feel, this happened to me too and its most trolling and garbage tactics that FT can do…

Admittedly I’ve tried this. Granted my FT bailed so 1v1 predator was not much of a choice. Hell of a better fire fight peak-a-boo match that straight up 1v1. Haven’t seen a pred make it all the way under yet but you can definitely splash fire into it. As FT you’re very limited as to firing arch though it is funny to have one teammates piss off ALL the AI and drag them to that one hut and nade them all at once.