Glitched Predator Defuse during Exfil


So there I was, getting a nice Defuse on the predator that downed itself right next to the exfil ropes, when all of a sudden, the chopper left and I was unable to input the last defuse “rune”. I know since some of my team had already exfilled, I would’ve been LEFT BEHIND anyways, but I woulda liked to get a defuse off just to flex. Not a big problem, but I’d like to be able to defuse whenever, wherever. Thanks!

EDIT: It’s happened again. I have no idea if it has something to do with the helicopter arriving (or leaving) during Predator defusal, or if it has something to do with needing to reload (or trying to reload), but it keeps the Defuse interface in your screen and you can’t interact with it. The first time, I just blew up, and the second I was close enough to the chopper to get away. It’s disappointing to get denied by the game like this, but I’m getting used to it.

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The same (kind of) happens to predators doing quick claims near exfil. They don’t register even if claimed 10 seconds before the chopper leaves.

So the first one is you got left behind. When the chopper leaves the game is over no matter if the Predator is down amd you are mid defuse. Chopper leaves = match over.

The edit is a true bug/glitch. The interface is stuck on the screen and you can’t input any of the Glyphs. This is a bug and it sucks. I did not know u could interact with the chopper ropes I have always just accepted my fate