Glorious hit boxes

But I tried changing my DNS on my phone to test and it made two websites for me unavailable (DeviantArt / Twitter) they had an error with not connecting.
Don’t know if I will change my DNS then. First I will of course see if Sunday is different with hit registering with bow and blades.

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When you changed them , did you have your Internet app open? Sometimes you need to close and reopen them .

It was open. I’ll try again.
But I meant like changing directly in the setting.

On console its pretty straightforward, on pc I have no idea . Just maybe be on the side of caution incase it breaks more than it fixes .

@JelouGaming would probably be the guy to ask about it , he is clued up on the pc side of things

If the apartment I’m living would be old and only has one router plug-in connection I definitely would consider and ethernet cable for better ping and connection.
But since the Appartment was build like 1990 or something it only has one router plug-in in the living room, while my pc is in my room. I would need a about 50 m long cable for that.

Then again it could also get to be better when I get me an gaming pc.

Ethernet certainly helps , depending on the range from the hub obviously. You can get WiFi boosters depending on the router type , but I’ve no idea how much improvement they make .

Other people though about another solution for ethernet connections.

Sorry for long link.

Those devices get connected to the router and the needed device over the electrical network.

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Ok it doesn’t matter how modern your router and computer are, it doesn’t matter if is wifi6 with 100% signal, ethernet will ALWAYS give you better connection and lower ping because ethernet does not get any interference, traffic throttle, signal degradation and basically anything wireless will introduce latency, no matter what. Even wireless audio has latency.

yes, wireless has come a long way in the last decade, but ethernet is still king if for gaming. I had to do this in my old apartment but yeah, get one of those cat5 flat cables on amazon and just do your best to get a cable from the router to your computer.

as long as dns go, it won’t help much with matchmaking. I’ve used VPN to test if it will connect me to servers from other countries and it doesn’t, so, I’m not sure how the whole matchmaking thing actually works.

That why I’m getting such DLAN now. Which is a good alternative as ethernet when you don’t want to get a cable through the Appartment.

I will see how much favor it will do me.

I’ve used those LAN over AC in the past… most of the time they are slower than wifi

Strangly many in the commands say otherwise. It improved their WiFi extremely.

when they work, they are better. In my experience, most of they time they don’t work reliable. It depends on how good the wiring of your place is. In all apartment complex where I’ve lived, they have never worked.

I’d say give it a go. If they don’t work, return them. That’s the good thing with amazon prime at least

True. Usually Germany is not that bad when it comes to wiring. I got an wlan repeater in my room which already boosted my WiFi from 1/2 bars up to 5.
And usually when this already worked great I don’t doubt that the dlan over AC will work too. It at least will boost my gaming performance.
And when I get my now gaming pc probably even more.

Got the DLAN now along an adapter to use it on my notebook. And I must say, my ping remains much more stable.
In European lobbies my ping will go as high as to 40 ms and in American/other lobbies my ping goes max up to 96, which is much more stable then when I was using WiFi were sometimes my ping would spike up to 400/500. Worst was 999 ms at times.

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