Glorious hit boxes

The hit boxes at 3:49

Nice to see this problem that was fixed many patches ago is back.

Year and a half in game still fails to function at the most basic levels. Great job everyone.


I had a game last night where my disc hit their head while they were mudding up but it didn’t register

Deja Vu?



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Spear throws go through and not register aswell , even shooting AI as the fireteam you can empty a clip and it doesn’t register a single shot


@OldKingHamlet given this was supposedly fixed many patches ago, can we please get a definitive solution? Just had another game with similar issues. Arrows right through a guy in a trap. Then I got stuck in ADS. I just fucking left.

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Nothing wrong there, the downed player bought programa heck from BadBlood called Dodge Lite, check it out, it’s pretty handy when you want to survive longer.


That’s not a hitbox problem, that’s a map collision issue

Happens the same thing in Backwater below the pipes near the water pump controls.

That being said, hitbox problems are a thing, and we have shown video of what exactly happens. It also happens in any location.

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Lol so many issues

Had some similar problems yesterday with the bow and wrist blades not seeming to register shots or hits. At first I thought my high ping was the cause, so I turned me router on and off.
Got a match with lower ping and still one or two shots didn’t register properly.
I hope @OldKingHamlet and @Courier fix that or maybe their server had some problems after they temporarily made crossplay unavailable.

Have to tried changing your DNS setting to help ping?

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And that can help?
How could I do that?
I’m on Pc, so I would probably need to change it in Windows 10.

Some pc heads would be able to help you better as I use console. I know you can do it and I would guess its in your network settings .

You can look up different dns servers, at best I found one that boosted my Internet speed by 8mb, but I am in the UK and the Internet sucks here .

People claim a Google server is good but I think the one I used was quad 9.

Download on your phone or pc an app/program called ping tool kit .

I looked it up on the internet.
Those would be the DNS servers with the best ping:

  • CloudFlare: 2,96 ms
  • Quad9: 4,35 ms
  • CleanBrowsing: 5,74 ms
  • Google: 7,17 ms
  • OpenDNS: 8,99 ms
  • Norton: 10,35 ms
  • Comodo: 13,06 ms
  • Yandex: 35,74 ms

Yours is at second. But I will definitely try that out. If it helped you a console player it probably will bring my gameplay to a different level.

My problem is, the game often connects me to US servers (I’m in EU) and it’s pain in the rear to play as Pred with 150-160 ping.

The screenshot i sent , the app changes which one is the best at the time , so it often changes , there isn’t any top one . Its just trying and seeing which gives the best results . It might not make a huge difference but some is better than none

I am the same , even when I have high ping its never usually over 80 though

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I think I will try with the app on pc too. Changing it manually will result in some sides not being usable anymore.
Btw, does the app change the DNS server for you or do you need to do it manually?

The app just tells you which one has the best signal at the time , it doesn’t actually change it for you , it just updates the strength of servers . It doesn’t modify anything