Good God

Attempt one to get a game: successful, but my loadout is somehow totally fucked up. Have to leave.

Attempt 2: infinite connecting loop after ten minute wait.

Attempt 3: there wasn’t one. Fuck this nonsense.

Kindly make your shit actually work.


Git gud, learn to get better and flow with the bugs and errors and fuck ups rather than address the problem and whine on here.


Ohhhh what it would be to be young again! How I miss not understanding the world thinking that If I never experience the problems then they don’t exist for others!! Ohhh how it is to be 15 again!

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Well if haven’t seen it then it must not be real, get with the times old man… wait a minute you’re not @Cadillackid!


Lol! I may be Old but im not old enough to get a senior discount on a Grand Slam breakfast with a glass of lemon water!!!

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I didn’t shit my pants today

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Well yeah cause we all pitched it and got you a nice in home nurse @Fire he just loves your weekly sponge bath sessions! So much in fact he told me that your gonna get them twice a week now


This is normal in this game, man. This happens to me every single day. Try a lot of times and sometimes you find a full lobby. If this feature is enabled to you, ask for refund.