Good idea

It would be an equipment like the syrette to be used once.
A suicide bomber against the predator.
During a long kill if it is activated just before we blow ourselves up and it would hurt the predator a bit like in the movie


What in the 72 virgin hell did you just say?

@Fire plz help me understand what this i, maybe even @Slasher_Clone.

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LMFAO YOOO. He wants a syret that if you get long claimed, you fkn explode. Fkn kamikaze attack xD.

Holy shit he must get long claimed alot xD.

As hilarious as that sounds. I’m voting no @Ramoutch974

I believe he is having a stroke?

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What if the got rid of the auto throw on the nade and it just blew up without throwing it?

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I can actually get behind this though. Option to pull your unused grenade pins if you’re getting long claimed?? That would actually be kinda badass


That’s different from having a magical make me a bomb stim tho.

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Different mechanism but same concept

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Lol I guess


He saw Ironman 3, one to many times.

Wants to blow him self… up. 😁

I believe he is french, I believe he also said he enjoyed the film cuties but I could be wrong do not speak french

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unique gear to blow yourself up before getting your head torn off and hurting the predator

Not before.
You would still have to die.

If you can still get revived it would be abused.

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Would also make an amazing long claim cinematic…

Can we get on this already?

Would the character who does this suicide bomb shout out: “Allahu akbar!” really loud right before the explosion?



we couldn’t if we blow ourselves up

Fair enough.