Good lord...the boxes...they're fixed?!

I don’t have all mythical drops as I’ve only found two since the beginning but this ain’t the only one duplicate mythical drop I’ve found today (found at least 7-8 mythicals and 3-4 were duplicates). Don’t know what it can be but I guess my bad luck is breaking the game, can’t even find any mythical trophy apparently… all shaders 😂

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I’m up to 7. I’ve been playing since release and gotten 1 since.

It’s glorious

I’ll have to ask the team about this and see what’s going on. Thanks for letting me know!
Did you get the duplicates all around a certain time or did it happen after the patch had been out for a few hours?


I’ve found my first mythical drop after a couple of hours I guess and from then on I’ve started finding mythical duplicates and new ones almost every 10-12 field lockers.

Can confirm, after rolling 12 new mythicals in one day (Holy shit) just got a duplicate mythical.

So, it seems to work a good amount of the time, but sometimes field locker says no, haha

15,000 V spent. Coyote and Wolf skull trophies and a BUNCH of other good shaders. Thank you @IllFonic


I just opened around 80 lockers and got two mythical items and they were both duplicates. I’m pretty sure these areike the only mythical items I’d ever managed to unlock too so…fml.
Update: opened around 250 - 300 and I got 1 new mythic so things are looking up!

Soy nivel 150 y eh abierto muchos casilleros y nada mítico espero que ahora obtenga algo

200 boxes opened.
Red: 61
Gold: 4
I think the odds are very good.


I finally got the Wolf skull and now, with the skin bug fixed and a new mask, my elder looks perfect.


I think it’s a good time to spend this 3 mil I’ve been saving.

@Forever_Mello @REYNOSO_FUA11 @Thunder-Cats @TheSenate - what do you think?


Update - I’ve now got 4 more trophies. The revolver, the ottoman dagger, the samurai sword, and the Warhammer. Had a couple dupe myths in there but all in all I’ve seen way more new drops than dupes. A minor fix to the dupe mythics is all that’s needed to make the box system perfect at this point!


Do it.

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Heads up the intended mechanic of no mythical dupes isn’t working.

I opened 5 boxes and got the viking axe trophy on the third box , just sucks I dont play the game anymore and have no V 😁

Got my first trophies tuesday night! Last night I got a mythical (the dagger). Thanks Illfonic. You guys made a good job on this one!

You’re a Holly Godsend SIRE!!

Any info if and when you will implement the two human skull trophies to the game?

Opened thousands of field lockers before and didn’t get a single mythic trophy. Now after this update I have 4. Thank you!