Got my ps5 a day early

Hell yeah.



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Let us know how pred runs.

Its super smooth on James Cameron’s PS6.

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I wont know till later. The fed ex guy literally came as i was getting ready for work.

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I am a sony rewards member I have the Credit card. I was able to pre-pre-order lol. Also had enough points to pay for almost all of it with points.

I haven’t had to pay for ps plus since becoming a member in 2017. I am able to use it for anything but food so it has become the card I use to fill my truck and my Girlfriends Car. Also any time I go to bestbuy.


Damn you lucked out.

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Lol. Yeah right. It said it was supposed to be here tomorrow, but I live in a rural area so i was probably the only one on the route so they just got it our the way. Im sure sony gonna end up exchanging words with them lol

Idk if I will even be able to. I would have to have crossplay on and it will be only pc player no?

peace be with you, and tell us what you find!

Its ps4 version basically cause its backwards compatible, make sure you install it to the ps5 ssd not an external drive.

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Oh okay will do. Im probs gonna play shadow of war with the 4k tho push it the the limits first.

I got the digital only ps5 cause after my ps4 pros disc eject stop working I said fuck that


He what???

He came James. He took it out. His package. And gave it to him. Ive never been so disgusted. They aren’t suppose to do that you know. Not like that. He did it so soon while he wasn’t expecting it.

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When James Cameron gets his delivery the delivery dude better not drop his load anywhere but the porch and if he makes a mess he better clean it up.

This kind of behavior…

…gets me to the boiling point! When any professional goes out to the field, he should be in full control of his faculties!
This is not proper protocol!

Death to the postman!!!

He should be hung…not Hung Lo.

I don’t care if he’s chinese or not. Just no package shenanigans.

Its well known the Chinese take along time to ship their packages from oversees but this “promptness” is uncalled for.