Gotham Knights update, 4 Co-op and new villain

I dunno Starro? Like out of all the villains in Batman’s repertoire, that’s what we got? Hell give me Azrael vs Bane city, a new take on no man lands without a Batman, Hell bring classic monsters for all I care, just not whatever this is?




This game has now been on sale twice in the last month…it must be shite

I’m just trying to help the game out also he is kinda dead?

Yes the controls are clunky, the graphics on console suck and the story is based lol 😂 but only got it because I hoped we play Batman and boy was I wrong lol

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Why would you help a liberal story, liberal?

How was it liberal? And honestly do you not think Gotham knights isn’t already, especially since I posted my review here?! And now your saying political statements? Anyway I thought no man’s land was about a earthquake that hit Gotham and the us government instead of sending relief left them for dead and then the villains took over the city like a post apocalyptic war where everyone has joined factions?

I’m enjoying this game. It’s fun that’s it. Nothing special just a fun game to play. The co op is a good time.

Wait till your done, it’s like a high but when it’s over it’s exactly like that, just a one time thing

I’m on new game plus now.
Trying to beat that doing only co op. But yes I can see it dying out after that. I’ll deff try to go for all the trophies.

But I enjoyed it. Not the best super hero game but I wouldn’t call it trash by any means. Deff worth a pick up on a sale imo

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This is the best review for it

Only a liberal would seek to help it liberal

I watched it when you posted it originally and felt that guy was sad it was an Arkham game. Lol

I get the repetitiveness of Gotham knights but it still holds its ground for being its own game without a Batman.

Like I said it’s a fun game to kill some time too. I’m enjoying jumping back into gothem especially co op
and now the new modes that came out should have some replay ability. (For now of course).

If I’m to pick at it I’d say the frame rate but at the same time doesn’t really bother me.
It’s deff worth picking up with the recent sales happing.

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Ya your not answering my questions so I’m not going to take our conversation seriously 😐

To his own

You asked how it was liberal

I answered liberal

That’s not a answer because you didn’t describe it

A yes or no question doesn’t need a description for an answer dumbass

Likewise telling you your a liberal for trying to support a liberal game doesn’t need more description liberal

Your the dumb ass because you couldn’t state a answer to my question

I literally did