GPU & CPU usage still high (NO FIX YET)

Eh… @IllFonic @Courier @OldKingHamlet

Idk what to say… i know that OldKingHamlet already talked about this but he uses an 1070 SLI? It might be 1070Ti SLI but either way…

My rig is

GTX 1070
I9 9900K
16 GB DDR4

GPU runs at like 99% USAGE & 90 celsius!!!
CPU runs at 50% usage and like 55 celsius… and my 9900k never reaches that type of usage on games running everything on low…

Actually my setup never even comes close to like high temps like that at all… unless its very demanding games on high and up…

Or just unoptimized games…


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You sure you got enough airflow?
Your GPU is supposed to run maxed out all the time, but those high temperatures…idk man.

Yeah… its an open case and my room is like around 21celsius and upto 25c if i turn on the heater, usually around the ground level there is very cold room airflow.

Forgot to mention this detail.

My 9900k is usually always around high 30s when in games and is like 15% usage while my GPU is at like max 90% 95% usage with being like 63-70celsius at 50% - 60% FAN RPM SPEED

Also my I9 9900K is water cooled… so if it wasnt my cpu temp would also be like high 70 celsius cause of predator game…

And would also like to mention this major DETAIL…

this happens in menu and in match too

Like in menu it reaches like same temp as if im playing a match… i cant even stream the game without my pc becoming a fucking nuclear reactor…

Im 100% confident my setup is still somewhat high end… and should run this game without any issues on low… even on very high n shit…

But yeah… my frames are shit and so are for like majority of people who dont own like a 2080ti or 3080…

Oh and the detail i also forgot to mention…

My liquid cooler is maxed out

And so is my


And when its maxed out its hitting 82celsius…

On cpu its at like 50celsius ish… its just unreal and sad…

Something is definitely not right. My GPU never goes above 65c

And which one do you have?

Cap your framerate if you want lower GPU usage and less heat. You’re GPU bound. That’s good. It’s definitely not a CPU bottleneck.

Uncapped framerate is just foolish in general. I don’t care how impressive your water cooling set up is. (Not you, specifically). Anyway. You’re just lowering the lifespan of it. Sure. If you’re doing benchmarks and stability tests. Otherwise that’s a no for me, Jack. Just cap that to your optimal FPS and keep it at that.

This game’s just poorly optimized all around. Vsync on or off. I regularly get frame drops on my 7700K@4.6GHz, 1070 TI, 32GB DDR4 RAM set up to this day. The moment the game starts shitting out the AI, the frame rate goes to shit. I still get frame drops just shooting the fucking Mini Gun. That shit’s been around since release.

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I have to have my computer on a grated shelf with a fan on the keyboard, it’s a brand new top of the line gaming laptop

RTX 2070 Super OC

Yeah… helps only a little with vsync sadly… nothing i can do againts unoptimized game… shrug

Bruh… no shit u dont have issues with it… its performing as well as stock 2080 lol…

Idk the thing is i have a 240hz monitor and almost every game i have played was uncapped and never went above 70 celsius… and same with my CPU it was like 15% usage…

Mainly like in ANTHEM my cpu was like 70% usage and my gpu 99%

Cause that game is worse to run than pred xD…

I’ve optimized my CPU performance for this game by using some of the additional command line arguments.
Maybe there is something for your problem too.

Yeah looks like the game is not using the CPU at all… maybe once the game launches to load the game but nothing after that sadly…

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Can you even notice any major changes from using those settings lol?

I know one person who said to run the game via -dx12 but it didnt do much except fuck up textures lol…

I want the game to properly use my cpu and not just use it to make it a heater lmao

Yeah, it increased my FPS a little and feels more stable and fluid.
Also, some Bugs disappeared, like pressing V for knife attack and nothing happened.

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I have the 2060 in mine makes me wonder how it’ll run with the Ryzen 3700x 2060 graphics card in it capped at 144fps on medium to high performance

you guys should stop playing at 420p. Up your game to 4K and play like a top gun.

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