Gun Medias next game?!

Ok, so we know, gun media has officially stopped supporting the Friday the 13th game. What do you all think will be their next game? And what type of game will it be?

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It’s a horror multiplayer game

Likely a property from blum house pictures

So either Halloween or The Purge

Both would make good games IMO

The Purge might be a little easier to pull off though


Perfect to hype up the new Halloween movies.

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My guess is halloween. I think with the upcoming films and the hype for halloween, it makes sense to jump aboard that hype train. I do agree however that a purge game would be easier to do.

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I’m hopeful that it’s Halloween. It might not be though and I wouldn’t want to bet on it.

They have helped indie devs before and part of me is also hoping they will get on board with Charlie the Legend.

Scream and TMC might have a chance of being made too, both have new films coming.

I think in a recent interview wes keltner mentioned texas chainsaw massacre, nightmare on elm street and halloween, because of that, everyone is now theorizing that it will be one of the 3 titles.

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Out of those 3 I would want a nightmare on elm street, a full power Freddy and not nueturd from dbd sounds amazing also a new asymm concept with the dream world.

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I want a halloween game, and even thought you have plenty of michael myers costumes you could unlock, one of the stumbling blocks is, the maps. Halloween hasnt got much in the location department. You have haddonfield, the hospital, smiths grove as key locations (and as we know from this game limited maps is a serious problem lol).

With nightmare on elm street though, the map ideas are endless since they are nightmares and can be anything. I like that lol.

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Also you do Lauries Trap house from the 2018 movie, that would be cool.

But yeah Nightmare on Elm street map possiblity is endless, I want boiler room map for sure if its Nightmare on Elm street.

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Oh yea, great shout!!

If they got robert englund to voice freddy, that would be cool! Its small details like that, that make a big impact on games.

Yes if they got englund that would be awesome, also custom kill scenes like the tv from dream warriors, environmental kills would be cool, like the floor opening up and eating a person etc.

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I agree, that too would also be awesome. Do they stick to the asymmetrical game though like friday? Or do they go ballsy and try a different type of game?

They have mostly done horror games including layers of fear 2.

You also have a farm

Thorn underground cult

Silver shamrock mask factory

Not to mention unlimited potential for new locations

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A Halloween game.

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Nightmare on Elm Street could potentially be great on newer consoles. Their fast loading would allow great transitions between the waking world and Freddys nightmare world.

In the real world you have the advantage. In the dream he is the predator.


Just curious jay, when you where on board to direct halloween 1978, what did your mask look like?

Oh yea, great calls on map ideas. I especially love the barn idea. That would be cool! I can imagine the atmosphere with pumpkins and that 👍

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Leonard Nemoy.

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Is it true, the reason you dropped out of halloween 78 because they replaced your choice for leading lady (linda hamilton) with jamie lee curtis?