Gundam Evolution?!

Just downloaded it and having tons of fun but in a week I’m going to compare it to see even though it’s a new Gundam game, can it compare to older titles like Moble Suit Gundam: Battle Operations 2

I wish the time to kill was longer. Everyone dies too fast to be giant robots bc its trying too hard to imitate Overwatch. It’s more fun than Overwatch mechanically since healers and shields don’t decide the game.

The secret MVP kills are funny cinematic tbagging.

The cosmetic grind is terrible and the bundles are $30 for 3 skins at a fake discount that would make the original price $70 which is hilarious. Japan loves exploitative gatcha.

Haven’t tried Battle Operation 2 though.

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Well that’s a blatant ripoff of the 2001 Transformers animated series. God, I miss that.

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Battle operations are just if not more expensive for mobile suits, literally have to spend tons of coin to get the mobile suit at end I spent over a thousand dollars for Amiros Unicorn Gundam just so that I play online have to be nerf by having the battle lower I guess power points?

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Ooh an armored core.
Used to like the series on ps2.


Not as MOBILE lol see what I did there cuz ya know MOBILE SUIT?! Lol also not as sleek as a orbital frame but that’s another series lol

AC is a pretty good mix of stompy and fast except IV which is just fast

Since the trailers got pile drivers and shields im thinking we’ll get slower mechanics this time around.

I couldn’t click the video 😔

But that trailer you showed was dope and that soundtrack 👌🏼 😌

Now you got me thinking Gundam looks to cartoonish and doesn’t give me that good post apocalyptic feeling 😔

Nah I’ll always love Gundam better but evolution is getting stale, at first it was great, was gaining xp fast and completing daily challenges got me rewards like using tickets to unlock cosmetics like charms, skins for suits and weapons, stickers, wallpaper to change your in game icons but after that you hit a plateau, where now your just playing against people using money to buy the suits you don’t have in your roster, giving them a huge advantage against player’s playing for free, tempting you to start spending money on buying cosmetics to these suits you don’t have!

And that’s my review because I stop playing because it’s to much a temptation to buy things

Now for Mobile Operations 2

Pros: More suits then evolution, can have a playable avatar who you can use to fight on the battlefield as well as your suit and customize them cosmetically (but some restrictions apply to only in game lobby)

Cons: takes a while to get a match, you have to spend tons of money to get sponsored mobile suits and cosmetics in slot machine like mechanic where a airplane drops different containers either bronze to gold multiple times, stamina like fighting where each move costs tons of stamina to use your moves to make game fair

The PS2 games had some of the best intros.
Hopefully we get destructible maps again.

Yeah its too much of a generic team shooter to make you feel like a giant robot.


You take that back! 😣😫

I still think its better mechanically than Overwatch but i’m biased and I don’t think healers have any place in a pvp game because they always become mandatory & the game revolves around killing them.

I like that Evolution isn’t role-focused. The monetization is horrible though.

Soon we get fully customizable armored cores again so i’ll get my giant robot fix.

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That’s because they are doing what most games do

  • multiplayer
  • money to buy cosmetics and units to pay to win
  • nostalgia

Yeah the Overwatch phase of 5v5 hero shooters got old fast.
We got Paladins, Dirty Bomb, Quake Champions, Battleborn, Paragon etc so many dead games from this genre.

I want some gameplay from AC6 though. Last time 5 basically had a giant clan system fighting over the map and recruited players as mercenaries to defend territory when they weren’t all online which was pretty unique. Even had mercenary ratings. Fromsoft usually tries something different with its multiplayer.

Paragon was a moba, not shooter thingy.

O you’re right it’s like Smite.

R6 Seige is pretty much a hero shooter now

Is it?
Never played it.

Paladins is better than overwatch 2 honestly.
I played a few matches and hated it.

The abilities started off as situational equipment like a hammer or reinforcing a wall & and then turned into the ability to see through walls and they added robotic bees and whatnot.

Robot bees sounds fuckkng awesome.

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Tho gundam isn’t really post apocalyptic unless you live in Australia and count the colony drops. And Char did nothing wrong. NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.

AC almost recovered from nuclear apocalypse around the 4th entry then everyone died from radiation from the experimental weapons/boosters, people were living in space in AC 4.5 but terrorists nuked the Cradles that had like half the population so everyone could die together anyway. There’s only ~100mil people left at this point thanks to Old King.
Now I guess there’s solar flares after corporations killed everyone and we get access to overed weapons and kojima particles again.

Here’s hoping the next one is Mars vs Earth and we get a spacenoids moment because no taxation without representation.