Gundam Thread

Don’t mind me, just shilling for Overwatch 3: Gundam Evolution.

Will bandai screw this up? Stay tuned.

Gundams also welcome.

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Looks dope

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It’s like Overwatch but better. Atleast before the powercreep shows up.
/Looks like Overwatch but plays more like team fortress.

Hope theirs a story mode also how come I can’t find this on Crunchyroll?

Why even post this @Finessology? do you want to talk about the good points or are you going to drag your pessimistic views on everything like youu do ? Goddamn, can’t even talk about off-topic stuff without you scraping it off your shoes.
Have you played Cyberpunk 2077 yet? or are you still in 2019’s 1st iteration and still need to download the first hotfix to shut you up?

Are you a fan of Gundam? or are you just shovelling shit from another failed marketing attempt to plaster another game’s name onto this one? It seems to be a trend now a days. Why try to make a great trailer, rather just say its a copycat of another right?

Id like to see you do this with Shin Ultraman and try to keep with the point of the japanese word of “shin”. The kanji is 真, “true” 伸, “extend” 新, “new” 心, "heart"

I love Ultraman! But are you saying Shin Ultraman isn’t good?



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you fucking…what are you? You’re not a ham! Are you ? you better be a ham! SAUSAGE!

Uh I don’t get the reference 😅

you haven’t watched Kids in the Hall? THe most fucked up crazy bastard ren and stimpy shit you ever watched? You’ll throw up watching it while laughing how messed up comedy was in the early 90s?

welll you’ll find out.

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Thanks will do 🫡

Stop defending scams because they got an anime you cuk

This is also a scam and the fucking paid currency expires. Honesty triggers you.


yeah i know you’re a scammer.

Nah u. Did those new cosmetics come with actual vehicle physics yet or no?

Why you got to be haten lol

nice anime, swiftly becoming overrated - absolutely shit game though and will never live up to its E3 and devdoc lies. See if they finally add functional police and car chases after three years and use the money to fund Witcher 4

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I agree with anime part, don’t like the game