GUys i need to

help me get HIGH?


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its buggers like you that doesn’t make this game in 2023 great. Its buggers like you who are still trolling the 2005 Concrete Jungle. The devs for that game are going “why the fuck is this guy still onto our ass for over spending our budget on graphics quality? but then again…we didn’t . it was the polygon budget. We just pocketed the money.”

You’re not laughing now are you?

I am still, just enjoying this high on life.

so why are you trying to influence this market?

Of imagination, idk it’s fun to imagine stuff that could have happen. 🤷🏻

try harder

Nah I’m good, I’m doing something else now

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then get lost! You’ll do more for this fanbase if you just play the game…with US!
Obviously i haven’t seen you play this game and grind rather you just be on this forum and make some hack creative shit. Fucking make wALLPAPERSS!!! RATHER you spend your time making hour llong narratives!

I’m sorry i didn’t mean …i’m driunk as fuck. You[re a good sole. and i can’t type for fuck. You just keep fluting boy!

Why would I spend any time with a community that doesn’t want me? I’ll pass but hey same can apply for you, all I see you doing is being a Clown from an out dated meme and contribute nothing at best negative to that. So yeah, Imma go do some more “wallpapering” and you can be whatever you’re trying to do.

Bro you need to go to bed and so do I 🤦🏻‍♂️

i did wallpapers…then i said ill do clown shit. I never gave a fuck other than fighting those monsters on this forum with my own form of monstrosity. So i do have a motive. Its slightly less heartfelt than another goddamn fan. I just keep my fandom to myself and stress-fight people like FIRE or FinESss with my clown PEPE because stronger memes survive! Creativity doesn’t last in a place with secret agents everywhere with their own motivations. Considering ‘the real boss’ is illfonic and they will pull anyone for no money into this shit with less than optimistic endeavors disguised as pessimists. And for those who they do pay…their agents will probably not give a fuck other than using their own social engineering to their advantage.

But if you’re keen you can spot anyone with more investment into the fanbase with too much ambition for no cause. Those people you can just “out” from your list of people to trust.

I’m just trying to have fun in the forums even when there’s nothing to have fun about, idk

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gud, just seek more value in other opportunties. You’ll find yourself knowledgable in what to provide and what not to waste time on. All your endeavors are appreciated by those who really appreciate it.

were all suckers here.

Really, there is always one guy at the top of the food chain who will tell all his network what goes and what doesn’t and then that guy tells the sharks come in. And this guy changes throughout the years.

The guy who produced Concrete Jungle probably had a bunch of sharks but they are the size of gold fish by now.

If you’re capable of so much more, you’d probably acknowledge that by now.