Hackers and cheaters.

Hackers at work.

Those aren’t hackers. They are abusing a LOS glitch vs a predator that is dumber than a plastic sack.

Of course, after watching the end they would compete with him in the special olympics.

Yeah unfortunately not hackers, exploiting a glitch sure, but not hackers
gg though I laughed at the “PC ***” comment post-game. The salt was delicious

Wow… So hard to counter, just spam charged caster to aoe them to death.

They werent hacking, just abusing a glitch, they were also ps4 players.
Pred player was… A potato too, “I cant shot there”, no you silly goose, move that crosshair a bit so you dont hit the frame of the window ffs.
Rushed in as a zerker and got shredded before barely downing a single guy (melee combistick zerker op… Rofl).

Thus, not hackers but just glitch abusers in a premade.

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your terrible at this game if thats you playing

Oh that guy again…ive ranted on him in his comment section, he should absolutely not make guide videos. And he also goes “easy peezy” after each match even tho he almost died like 9 times.