Halo infinite, what did yall think?

What did you guys think about the gameplay of halo infinite?

personally I have a few issues, but my overall consensus is that it looks amazing.

I like how it has the feel of the first game

I like that it’s open world. It is open world right?

The new villain is interesting

Grappling hook is cool

Graphics were underwhelming

All in all I have yet to be sold an Xbox series x

Phil Spencer, if you’re reading this, make a sequel to Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Then and only then will I buy your box.

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I agree. The art direction is great.

if its not fully open world, it will at least be metro exodus style open world (meaning there will be small open areas that you visit throughout your journey. This seems to be the case, with those giant shards of halo ring on the map in the gameplay.

Yes, though he isnt the actual leader of the banished. More like a lieutenant, who took over when losing contact with aatriox (we dont know if aatriox survived or not, that will prob be for halo wars 3)

Felt very doomish, but I think it will work well, especially with the open world. Plus with multiplayer, its supposed to be a pickup, rather than something everyone has at start, which is good.

Aside from some pop in issues, and the textures on the brutes face at the end, I dont really agree with this. But I havent really had anyone argue its fidelity yet. Would you mind explaining to me why you feel that way?

I mean considering halo infinite is coming to PC, I was never going to be sold an xbox off it lol!

Also holy shit man, Conker Live and reloaded used to be my shit back in the day. Bad fur day was amazing too… I miss conker lol

As far as the graphics go if you told me the footage was captured on Xbox one I wouldn’t doubt you for a second. It’s doesn’t scream next gen to me.

IMHO Conker’s Bad Fur Day is the greatest game ever created.


Yeah, Im the only person that isnt caught up by console mindets though. next gen means nothing to me. Some games are on engines that can be so fucking hyper realistic that they are mind blowing. but for a halo game, this is the best looking ive ever seen ever

Next gen just means nothing to me prob

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I am personally loving how they’re doing with the game. As a very causal Halo Fan who’s never played any game for more than 30 minutes but is interested into the story and lore because I never bothered to buy a 360; I get those same feelings of “nostalgia” seeing Infinite call back to the older Halos instead of how Halo 4 or 5 were.

Reddit had a big Reddit Moment with “Open World Bad” and “Too Clean and Polished”. Like Elites and Brutes in bright Cerulean and Scarlet Armor are going to Mud Up to be gritty. Doom Eternal ditched it’s predecessor’s gritty red style in favor of a more vibrant and even slightly cartoonish style and it was handled perfectly. Still gory and badass. Halo: Infinite looks like it’ll do the same.

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Well when i saw that demo i was like hmmm laughed? Because graphic its looks not good and that somekind open world its little wrong idea i think

Also in that reboot they making mankind have lost and Chief will be like ammm Doomslayer? You know one man army versus legions

I prefer MCC ( Master Chief Collection) because Pc Players can finally play Halo 3
I tried play Halo 5 but its get me bored and there wasnt anything to remember
When i play some Halos i always have some memories
-Halo Reach we create own spartan which is losing his entire team and he try fight with entire army of Covenant in the end
-Halo 1 first introduction of the flood
-Halo 2 new playable character and quote of the Sarge “ohh Iknow what ladies like”
-Halo 3 Master chief and Arbiter fight together to stop prophet of the truth
-Halo 3 ODST we play some special forces which their aren’t spartans
Halo 4 new enemies and Cortana dies
In Halo 5 i cant remember anything… Maybe that first cutscene where we watch about 3 minutes where new spartans kill some aliens?

Well maybe i will buy Crossfire X because Remendy is making that game and they know how making shooter game

Ouch it looks like that just to get it running at 60fps? Everything is untextured and made of plastic except foliage like PH:G on low settings

I must be blind.

Looks like Halo Wars which would be fine if it was an RTS ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Okay I see whatcha mean lol.

Tbh I feel like the vibrancy issue isnt just with infinite tho. Halo 1 and 2 remasters are both really god damn vibrant. Shockingly so. I think thats part of why they make everything more vibrant now. And imo thats okay.

That being said in the gameplay trailer i think alot of wear and tear textures, and other graphics arent in yet. So i think the games gonna look better at launch. I still think its beautiful. But i cant deny how halo warsy it looks lol