Hammerhead and Mercenary Grenades do no damage

Under some circumstances, the Underbarrel-Grenades hit their target but don’t do any damage.
Happens to both AI and Pred, sometimes even Headshots aren’t counted properly as damage.

This isn’t about branches blocking LoS, this is about instances where there is absolutely clear LoS.


Invisible or little brenches/tree roots/rocks/plants absorb the impact. Been here since day 1.

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Me: Lining up the perfect Sawz shot
Invisible tree branch : Parries


I know right?
Happens to me so many times it’s frustrating…

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I swear sometimes … it ain’t even tree branches or rocks or anything blocking the way , I hit a direct shot on the predator … but it doesn’t count as a hit , I go back and pause the clip just as i hit the shot … and i see clearly that my shot should’ve landed but it doesn’t lol

It has to be like that
Trees should give Predator some advantage


True , I don’t have a problem with that
I just find it funny when it happens lol

Visible brenches, YES.
Imvisible ones, HELL NO!

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This has to do with the graphics settings. Unless you play with very high or cinematic graphics, some branches and other things will not appear at a distance. It has to do with the DISTANCE setting specifically. A lot of people play on low DISTANCE so it shows less foliage and even some walls disappear allowing you to see through walls in certain buildings.

That’s why some players are able to see you across the map whether it’s ft or pred it doesn’t matter. Playing on low graphics gives you this advantage, but you will most of the time hit invisible branches.

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Good game design is predictable

You should be able to tell what will happen when you use a certain action

If I fire a shot an invisible barrier shouldn’t stop it.

Ya the game is unbalanced but poor design isn’t the fix

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On Headquarters map there are invisible rocks that stop you dead on while running. I’ve tried cinematic graphics and still no rocks appear that would stop me, but yet there they are.


You didn’t ask for this, you didn’t choose this, but there it is. And it’s treated no differently then beings stuck on a visible rock.

I know what you’re saying, but that’s not it. It’s simply poor and bad detailed objects outlines on the game’s mechanics. No matter how close you are, the invisible barrier it’s always there. Like in Headquarters where those invisible rocks make you get stuck and you have to jump or go around.

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And another example for this poor and bad detailed objects on the game’s mechanics that can show this issue.is the following.
Go to Backwater, Stargazer camp. The AI can shoot you throug fences covered with a cloth, but you can’t shoot back.

I’ve cooked perfect frags and landed them right under the pred’s nuts only for the game to go “HUH, WHAT? WHAT HAPPENED!? I WASNT PAYING ATTENTION! DO IT AGAIN!”

Ridiculous how often this happens


I think there’s something more going on. Sometimes direct impacts with the Rocket launder don’t register a hit either. I think it has something to do with the “rays” from the explosion originating beyond the surface of the hit box.

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I think what you are saying is the sync issue that also has been here since day 1.
Like, i’m sure it happened to you, having the Pred precisely on the centre of your screen or down your ADS, and you couldn’t spot/mark the Predator, but a coupke of seconds later you mark him.

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That’s another explanation, but I don’t see why that would be the better explanation here. I think bad design with the interaction between explosives and hit boxes is more likely, since it seems to be an issue with frags, underbarrels, and rockets.

Typically, in a Desync situation, the predator is stationary and takes all of the FT’s damage.

Ok. In my opinion, both possibilitiea are valid.
There’s so many issues around this game, it’s extremely hard for us to identify which is what…

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