Handguns are king

You got to love the sound of that handgun and the damage too.

And thats just 3 people shooting at most…Not only they take the predator from 80% to Second wind in 1 second but even the second wind bar has been lowered by 20%

Yeah… I too think hand guns are OP in this game. Specially running Duelist. I don’t think the damage should be nerfed, but the fire rate should.


I think the devs like this meme a little too much:


less than a second really, its disgusting hahaha

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Little tip don’t claim they like that when the rest of the ft is around, safe option is too kill them with the bow or plasma caster. Hop and jump around while you do it so you don’t take alot of damage. If there is a field medic though either got to be fast or just wait for him to be revived then full charge plasma him to down him again.

Yeah, also story tells us that the Predator never takes his trophies with audience. He always takes it when alone with the dead body…