HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ve been waiting for this day for so long!

I wish you all a Happy Friday the 13th, and hope you all have a bloody time in the jungle today.

FYI expect a Friday the 13th/Jason Voorhees related video on my YouTube later today.

Happy Hunting, Happy Slashing, and how are you my Hockey Mask brother @jasonth13elder?🔪

Out of interest, what is your favourite Friday the 13th movie? And which is your favourite version of Jason from the movies?

Again, Happy Slashing, I’ll see you in the Jungle, but steer clear of my Crystal Lake, and don’t you DARE touch my momma’s head!🔪🔪🔪🔪


Too bad the game gargles balls

I won’t be in the jungle but I’ll be having a happy day slaying deadites on Evil Dead
I like all the Friday the 13th equally but im partial to corpse Jason

If we could get a group together i might be interested in a few rounds though

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Happy Friday, fellow Jasons! Sporting my Part VII mask pendant as work in proper tribute. I think that film is my personal favorite, as it features Kane Hodder’s first appearance as Jason (nicest man in the world, met him once and he was just a joy to talk to), and it gives Jason a very formidable opponent. Only Freddy, I think, beat him up as bad. Part VIII holds a special place in my heart because I always watched it as a kid. Also, Darkest Side of the Night is the best 80s horror banger in existence.

I wanted to share my cosplay from a few years ago. Its based off of Jason from the Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash comics, when his mask was blown in half by Ash’s shotgun. I don’t have this outfit anymore, sadly, but I want to bring Jason back maybe for Halloween this year.

And that’s my buddy as Ash there on the bottom. He’s about 5’9. He was just a little intimidated doing this shot lol.


For me, it’s Freddy vs Jason.

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Damn you’re ugly xD

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I know. Rotting in a lake for a few years will do that to a guy.


We ignore all F13 movies that include Manhattan and passed that, besides the reboot

Wrong-o. 7-X is perfection for Kane Hodder alone. Also X is an underrated gem, a gorgeous byproduct of the early 00s thematic style. FvJ was good for Robert Englund’s last film appearance as Freddy, and some cool scenes, but so much of it was trash. The reboot should have kicked off a new series tbh.


That’s a great costume. I’m currently working on a sort of Part 3/4 hybrid costume for when I go to my next Comicon so hopefully mine will turn out ok aswell.👍

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I actually really like Jason X to be fair and perfectly honest. It’s just a very fun movie to watch and is basically like Aliens 1986 but there is one Alien, and then you swap the Alien for Jason.

Freddy Vs Jason was also pretty enjoyable for me. Loved Jason’s appearance especially


Oh yeah FvJ was good, X was weird cause Jason in Space

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ooh, I like the sound of that idea. I’m really into fanmade versions of Jason, from new designs to hybrids. The Never Hike Alone series did that really well, too. I think yours will turn out great, you got this!

Same here. I was pleasantly surprised by it, watching it for the first time a few years ago. I mean…its different, obviously. But it is very enjoyable, the holodeck Crystal Lake scene was a wonderful easter egg for fans, and it has some of the best kills in the franchise. And Uber Jason is just a beast.

What stings the movie the most for me, as a Hodder fan, is how they stiffed him so hard before making the film. There were talks of this crossover for the better part of the 90s, they even met with him and gave him the script. Then they never called him, and they hired Kirzinger to play Jason and never told Hodder why. Turns out, I guess from what people told him years later, the director wanted a taller Jason, and they wanted his eyes to show more emotion, and he thought Kirzinger has the perfect eyes for that. Weird, and just a bit disrespectful to him and the fans.
Overall, though, its a decent film. I love the opening kill in the bedroom, and the cornfield massacre is pretty badass. The whole ending fight could have been a little less cheesy, and more physical, but it was nice for what it was.

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Yeah, I can see that. I mean, in context of the movie it makes some sense. You kinda just need to let your mind float away for this one.

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one day we will get a new movie (or something else)

Thank you, and yeah I still think Kane Hodder at the very least deserved to play Jason for that movie, even though I prefer numerous other portrayals of Jason than him. But yeah Kane Hodder was still a great Jason actor and almost certainly the most badass in the fact that he broke a world record at the time for longest on- screen burn in Part 7.

Woooooow! My favorite time of the year with my favorite slasher! God I remember first making this build and was so excited and had so much fun!

Bringing back memory lane, here is the Slasher Predator Dude!^^

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With the lawsuit over, there is a chance. But the two parties would need to get together and make out a deal for any future film with an adult Jason. And honestly, with the success of the Halloween franchise, and 80s horror films as a whole having something of a renaissance, now would be the best time to bring him back.

From Bleedingcool.com:
Friday The 13th officially belongs to Victor Miller. The screenwriter has won the appeal in the case for the rights to the Friday The 13th franchise, sending Sean Cunningham and Horror Inc. to defeat. This means that Miller will indeed claim ownership of the domestic rights to the franchise going forward. Now, this does not mean that he owns the rights to the adult version of Jason Voorhees, but the franchise name and first film will belong to him. It also does not mean Miller is free and clear to do as he pleases with the franchise; there are still many, many deals to be made behind the scenes.

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I would make a Jason build myself but I’d have to make at least two -
One for original Part 3/4 based Jason
One for Undead Jason of Part 6,7,8,9, X , FVJ
Maybe one for Reboot Jason
Maybe one for Roy Burns
Maybe one for Über Jason

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Roy Burns could be a Fireteam one since their a “Fake Jason”. By using the broken JH mask🤷🏻

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