Harcèlement envers moi de la part de cette personne rien n’est fait

@IllFonic pouvez-vous bannir cette personne pour insulte

encore une fois que tout le monde sache qui tu est

la modération pouvez-vous faire quelques choses svp

Oh jeez what’s this about? I’m curious

People harassing him


Oui mais en partie à cause de vous en grande partie à cause de vous juste paceque je voulais le jungle Hunter juste pour ça cela va de plus en plus loin on m’empêche de vivre

Dude you started with a lot of people.
And hell no, youtube and other sites are fucked riddled with unnecessary censorship.

So no.

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Ah ok

Maybe cause he started it

Not really

This is your second account we all know it

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You remember when you stated cursing me first

Anyway this is going nowhere I’m out

Not really i know him but i am not him and i have the jh87


Then why defend him if you know nothing about him?

Let me tell you a tale
One day our friend @Le-mentalist77 made a release jungle hunter thread and everyone told him no then after a while this happened

His cries were answered but not the way he hoped so he continued with his JH post every day cursing everyone that said no to him

DarkVador is definitely le-mentalist77 sub account since he’s the only who contacted me by PM in order to know why I dislike le-mentalist77. I mean, who would ever do that ?
And for chr*st sake, the dude is stuck with the idea that I’m that guy from that YouTube page he shared like a retard. That’s hilarious.
How can you claim to be a victim for harassment after calling out people with racist comments is beyond my understanding.
Mentalist, how do you define your lack of self-esteem on a scale from 0 up to 10 ?

See that’s the major flaw and tbh we’re not gonna get banned for “harassment”

Vous recommencez encore et encore vous continuer