Harddrive Discussion: What do you have PHG installed on?

And also state what your operating system is installed on.
NVMe m.2 (PHG/steam) , OS (W7) on 2 SSD in RAID 0.
Results are pretty darn great playing either side and very little frame drops but I run my game always on 1080p.

I will be switching these very soon. Meaning my OS (W10) will be on the NVMe and the game will also be on there.
I also never play higher than MED settings. But i never go lower (never need to).
Intel Core i5 7500, 3.4Ghz
, 32 GB DIMMs at 3200mgz, Asus Asrog Strix Radeon RX480,


anyone can post here so please share! Curious to know what you’ve tried.

I use a gameboy.

u r a gameboy

Windows 11 on NVMe
Pred (and other games I play often) on another NVMe
i7 10700KF O.C. to 5.2 GHz
32 GB 3200 MHz Ram
GTX 1070 Ti OC to 2020 MHz, VRAM to 4800 MHz

Currently playing at 720P on High graphic settings (shadows on medium). I still get frame drops down to the high 40’s, particularly when AI start spawning like crazy

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Any performance improvements on this stupid thing?

Not really. I upgraded because I work in IT support and need to be familiar with it as the new systems we are buying come with it preinstalled and people will began asking questions about it and I need to be ready to answer them

Thats not a problem you know.


I got two SSD’s in my laptop.

One NVMe PCIE Gen2 SSD and the other is SATA SSD.
I had the game installed on one and the other SSD, I saw no difference in speed when it comes to loading PHG.

My Windows 10 is installed on NVMe as well as some games and programs, while on other SSD which is 1TB, I have some games, movies, etc.

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Game is installed on my main C drive.

What kind of Harddrive?

Btw Mass, your CPU doesn’t support RAM faster than 2400 MHz.

You mean model/name ? I really don’t know much this techinical stuff, on properties my C drive is called Crucial_CT525MX300SSD4

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A trash can

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My fridge has a pretty good touchscreen.

All games on NVMe m.2, W10 on SSD

11900k 3.5ghz, 32gb RAM 3600mhz, RTX 3070 8g OC

PHG settings on cinematic, haven’t checked FPS but feels smooth for me, occasional frame drops/stutter when I throw an ACIG next to my feet though.