Have you fuckers seriously not noticed what they added???

I JUST made a thread lmao

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they dont say shit in the patch notes

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The weird part was these fuckers only appeared 10 minutes ago. They were manually added post-patch.

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more stuff coming maybe ? wow

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Maybe, who knows. These masks were leaked back in like October of 2021 I think but they just randomly dropped for us today. Maybe they could fucking finally add in Falconer’s Drone? And him & his Mask. Who knows. Guess with Celtic is 100% the next DLC tho since we got Scar’s Mask.

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Watch a new Mode suddenly slide in LMAO

Nah, more chance of Bionic getting buffed (0)

Wait a fucking minute… somebody earlier said they spotted 2v8 in the menus.

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@OldKingHamlet Hey since you guys are just Shadow Dropping stuff now, can we get a Black Armor Color drop?

WTF seriously???

The masks at Olive shader look all black

Nah I want navy black colors for both armor & masks. Obsidian is close but is muddied with a bunch of stupid patterns. I just want solid colors.

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Not new, should be black for olive shader for bionic, Viking, and Cleo

It’s like the same material but they haven’t figured out it’s fucked up lol

I’m smitten with one of the new pred helmets. The one that looks like a space hoover vaccum?