Having to matchmake twice

Howdy, @Courier and @OldKingHamlet. I’m having an issue with matchmaking. It goes all the way to connecting, makes the noise and then kicks back to infinite matchmaking. If I cancel and retry and wait the longer wait time, it works on the second try. Can you please pass this on to the devs for a tweak? I’m on ps4. Thanks! New map and more loadout slots are great, btw.


same on PC. it starts with empty (or not full) lobby after 7min (and I can wait infinite amount of time but nobody more joins), but if i requeue again it starts full lobby on second try or people can rejoin if empty slot is present
Basically wait time for predator is 2x longer that it should be.
Something is wrong with that queue or hosting games. There’s no way that no FT player is searching for game in 7min period…

Lucky for you it works after the second attempt, the other day I had to do three in a row and I just ended up closing the application. The matchmaking has never been good, one of the earlier patches they addressed that after the initial wait people were getting put to the back of the que. Knowing how their patches go I wouldn’t be shocked that something they have fixed has broken it again