Healing sources buff/nerf suggestion

Right now Srynges are an essential part of FT’s kit and the same goes towards preds medical kit. So going into a match without one (even if it is possible to win without one) is a handicap.

I’d like to see the med kits that spawn in the map as well as boars to be buffed and for the medical kit and sryinge to be nerfed. Medical kit might be fine if the boars are good enough but I say keep an eye on it.

This would put srynges in the same line as every other gear item.

I have enough damage with my primary to realistically win but frags give me more dps.

I have enough healing with base med kits to realistically win but srynges give me more healing

This change would also allow for more variety in gear choices

Realistically though if they wanted to do this wouldn’t they just make syringes and healkits a default item and not something you pick as loadout equipment?

Otherwise there’s no reason i’d ever not take syringes, why gimp yourself with map healing that can be contested/destroyed? You’d be giving up an instant, sprinting heal, or a tree heal far away from the FT for no reason.

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That’s why I suggested a buff.

Make them non destroyable, make them more common, make them faster to use, maybe make them heal less if that’s too strong.

Problem with making them default is

A. Straight up buff

B. You wouldn’t have anything to increase your healing output like you have frags to increase your damage output therefore all it does is increase your gear points for FT and Pred 4 and 5 respectfully

Is it a buff to syringes if everyone already takes a syringe as default? Just freeing up a dead slot everyone uses by incorporating it into the game as it already is.

Until we get gear items that are actually game changing, no one’s ever forfeiting guaranteed heals for motion detectors and smoke grenades.
Better to assume you tank an extra couple hits with a syringe rather than go in YOLOing and getting poked down so you have to then go try to contest a heal, these things are extensions of your hp bar and the game is balanced around that.
Syringes are multiple second chances in a game where you can get dropped by a stealthed bow hit without a chance to toss your frag, so DPS on DPS isnt a problem, FT doesn’t have an issue putting out damage and gear on both sides is not DPS oriented because its kind of redundant (exception being pred really needs some AOE CC tool but again thats game changing.) Frags are nice to have with your syringes but no one’s going to sacrifice free on demand heals for a couple frag grenades.

No a buff to FT

That’s the point, make the base healing consistent to be a viable source of healing.

Plus a nerf to gear healing since even if we did buff base healing gear healing is still too good to pass up, hence nerfing it.