Health Points Glitches

Scout and Recon have the Same HP but under class attributes recon has 2 out of 4 boxes filled and Isabelle has 130hp but has less than 2 full bars what’s going on their. Health points need a fix.

Old HP

New HP

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Lol it’s not a fix
It’s another buff for FT
So No and Git gud


Imagine all these with thick skin Perk
Assault : 195
Recon : 175
Scout: normal
Support : 215 LMFAO
How about delete the predator hah ?!
People are hilarious these days

Scout and Recon sre ok that way. But Isabelle, sure needs a Buff. It’s the worst class.

I like how instead of adjusting the bars we just buff the FT

Nice logic

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Also it should be

Scout 100

Recon 125

Assault 150

Support 175

I don’t know how you got this jumbled up set of numbers

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Isabelle has insane damage
She just needs good support on her team
You can’t actually play her solo , but with good team she’s scary with sniper
For example
Imagine Isabelle sniper , her passive is increase damage at range distance , you can also use yautja perk on her to make damage double
if there is a recon tracker on team he can gives you 9 second increase damage by spotting predator
And with one support leader you Also have 10% increase damage and 10% damage resistance if you stay near support
4 damage buff (passive/yautja perk/leader/sniper class)
Also 10% damage resistance
(You can also use OWLF trained perk for 8% damage resistance)
She’s pretty good and balance cuz she has increase damage at range distance without any perks and also good HP
Sounds fair
Read this and tell me what do you think about Isabelle


He probably lost with every class on public, now it’s time to complain about HP

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Isabelle is a shit class

Her passives are way too situational

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What you mean by “insane”? Because she only deals 5% more damage tham Assault, and Assault doesn’t even need to be 50m away.
Also, considering that while cloaked, the Pred’s silhouette is only visible at 50m max, it makes that passive almost useless, unless the Pred is spamming the plasma shouder cannon and you can see the laser…
That said, to be a sniper, there’s no real incentive to use Isabelle over any other class.
To finish, the only thing Isabelle is actually a lot better than other classes (exception for Dutch87), is parrying, but considering that a Top Tier Pred player rarely uses melee, again it makes that shadow perk useless.

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She’s not a solo fireteam , some people still can win with her even solo on pubs
But a good predator stay at range distance so that’s when Isabelle is really good
I explained a good team for Isabelle
If you have good team Isabel is really good
If you are alone on pubs , don’t use her unless you are a really good fireteam with sniper

I’m not saying people can’t win with her. But that doesn’t mean she is better or even at the same lvl than any other class.
Again, the only thing she has better is that passive, but that passive only works from +50m away, which is…almost never. Considering that all other Isabelle’s stats are ALSO no better than any other class, makes her the worst FT character of the game.
5% more damage with that +50m condition it’s worthless, adding to that she only has +5 HP than Scout and Recon.
To conclude, put on her some useful Specializations and increase her HP to, at least, 140HP then she will be a very viable choice.

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It’s always for us btw

I don’t see how. Most of the Preds engagements are closer than that distance… But ok. Let’s just agree to disagree…

That’s the reason they always die , I mean 99%

Yeah I’m ok with this

Isabelle is hot though , she can distract the pred long enough… for your teamates to sneak attack
Is OP ☹️

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I love Isabelle lol. Your brother has buffed my Isabelle before too lol. Yeah she is a challenge to play compared to some other classes solo especially, but as you say if the team supports her she can be very strong.

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So basically you want an even easier game just because you lost a 5 v 5 in ranked? Yeah no thanks you fucking firepussy. You already have all the advantages. Stop acting like Kyle asking for baby mode.