Hear me out……

Imagine if this game was made by Rebellion and Sega or not even that, what if Illfonic teamed up with them and not Sony?

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Quit playing games with my heart


Quit playing games with MY heart.

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Sony isn’t the problem

Illfonic just aren’t that experienced

Those games by rebellion weren’t even that great anyway

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What is Rebellion making these days?

More zombie army sequels?

It was missing a lot but I think they did a good job adapting avp considering these games are usually a leap button and rapid fire swiping. It was decently suited for rock paper scissors and they didn’t slow down aliens for normies and kept everything first person. Combat was paced well even with one shot weapons, pred melee was too good to start but Rebellion seemed pretty biased towards pred gameplay in general.
Execution trains were stupid but they nailed the playstyles and AvP2010’s pretty fair with a high skillcap.

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What have they really done for the game besides advertise it in blogs?

Not sure what the responsibilities of a publisher are but Illfonic are directly responsible for the way the game currently is considering they are the developers

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I would suggest Ubisoft.
At least the bugs would be fixed within a weak…

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I asked Rebellion if they would want to help make predator hunting grounds.

They didn’t seem interested at all, they just said we don’t have the rights for that franchise lol

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right now Rebellion is focusing on evil genius 2

You ask a lot and you say too much, the game is what it is, there is no more, nor will there be more, skins, cosmetics, and mistakes, illfonic is not going to merge or sell, the game will be illfonic and there will be no innovation in this regard.

Just give all cool, shooter-y things to id or machinegames. Their track record is amazing.

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James Cameron would suggest Rocksteady. Maybe Valve.

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Rocksteady would be a good one too. But i guess Disney would not approve selling the rights to Rocksteady since those guys team up with WB

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Literally any other developer.

Even cdprojeckt red?

Especially cdprojecktred


We’re all still playing this game. We’re all masochists.

I had to take a break after being slapped in the face with the last DLC

I’m hoping I can come back this cycle but my gut is telling me is going to be the same thing as last time

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