Height Advantage vs Imprentable in Clash

Trying out a Stalker Elder (Increased Damage at Full Stamina) bulid for Clash, seeing as the two tactics for Predator in Clash is either Supporting your Team in suicide like charges or from afar.

I want to see if Imprentable or Height Advantage would be better in Elder’s case given the power Explosives have in Clash, might update later with findings.

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Btw Loadout in question. Tests with Imprentable will have it replace Height Advantage.

My votes on height advantage here. If FTs shooting at you you’re already dead. Trees are actually really good for not getting axed in Clash.

Motion detectors actually fantastic with how long it spots the pred.
Ik impenetrable doesnt work against caster/bow but height advantage might be a decent pred vs pred setup since trees are the safest place to be in Clash & you could pick a ranged fight with a nice defensive bonus.

Used to run elder sword to deal with preds and solo players quickly but that seems risky now vs peoples dedicated melee builds which is honestly how it should be. Alphas with sickles mean business.
How’s the pistol? With modified reserves you should be able to harass the enemy pred forever & keep thermal up right?

Also consider that 15% dmg buff from stalker lets you run around 1 shotting FT with combi if you get bored of bow.

I’ve had some mixed results with Height Advantage. It works, but it can only do so much against focused fire, and after one shoting FT with Direct Hit + Charged Blasts, that can happen.

Pistol is meh for me, you need too many shots to take down anyone that isn’t already being fired on for it to be a reliable main weapon. I would use Bow and have used it with success with quick firing it, I can’t really use it charged cause stick drift and Ps4 Controller problems, really only happens with the Bow.

I will say tho, the Motion Trackers are a god send for when I use Dante so then I can just take away half of a Pred’s health. Lowkey surprised at how Clash Lobbies aren’t filled with Dantes.

I only stand behind the bulletshield branches if im going to caster FT its too obvious as theres 1-2 trees around a point. Once the branches are destroyed im pretty much done castering.

I’ll give it a shot in a few hours since I purely go for pred kills and it sounds like harassment with infinite thermal + downrange ontop of a 15% dmg bonus. Alphas chasing me up trees be damned.

I too will go woth height advantage… pred is super weak in clash all ready.
I stay afar and pic off ft with caster.
Trees all day

I lowkey don’t like using Alpha in Clash, I feel like he’s too squishy. Instead I use a Ghost Samurai with Katana, Adrenal Boost, Fearless and Modified Reserve.

You kinda have to play Melee Support all the while caring to not get too shot up. It’s been surprisingly effective since the Fearless & Ghost DMG + Heavy Katana unto Light usually just demolishes, and if that don’t work, just hit again into that 4 hit combo or something. And then there’s bleed.

Now that I type this, I sort of realize that I can do this on Valkyrie. Why does Samurai have to suck even at his preferred mode?

I feel like everythings squishy which is fine because large pouch but damn that backstab damage hurts, the tracking follows pred sprint a bit, and if they’re determined theyll leap behind you at every possible opportunity and the only place you get a break is trees xd.

Katana seems like a slower elder sword I dont recall losing any straight up fights against it I think because its so dependent on the DoT bleed that doesnt really matter against preds. They die first and im left with a chunk of hp and some neligible bleed ticks. Might be stronger with people ghosting properly.
Samurai and Valkyrie can both run fervent for a 15% dmg boost but I feel like samurais specializations should be closer to vikings. Oh well.

Itd be great if we knew when buffs were active, I cant tell if Ghost works.

Plasma pistol headshots seem to be killing preds and if not they never get a chance to heal anyways. though idk why mask destruction isnt a thing, more power to people holding the pred for 10 minutes im not complaining.
Infinite ammo and endless thermal seem like a menance so I forgive it for not having bow’s damage.