Helmet cosmetics

From the pre-order dynamic theme.

Are we getting those goggles for FT helmets?

Just noticed this yesterday

Hoping for more stuff to spice up FT and Predator :).


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I like this idea and it would be cooler if the actual cosmetic Night Vision Googles were somehow implemented into game play. Maybe like, it’s an accessory that must be equipped before a player can switch to NVGs on night maps. Something like that…

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We’ll get those right after we get the Exile predlocks.


And we’ll get those when we get the audio bug fixed.


Are you on ps4?

Yep. It’s gotten worse.

Damn. Although, I don’t remember it happening much to me on the ps4. With 3d audio off, it never happens on PS5 for me.

Have you ever tried deleting and reinstalling the whole game?

On ps5 the Night maps I never have sound.

With 3d audio off.

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Yeah I did and that never worked for me.

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God do I hope so. I want those damn dreads

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Don’t get your hopes up. Illfonic is king of delivering halfway.

Have you tried deleting and enjoying an actually good game?

I have been playing other games and coming back to this game from those other ones is very jarring.

I’m aware, and it’s so damn annoying.