HELP! Updating RADEON drivers will result in widescreen

So not too long ago, I decided to update my videocard driver.
I download Radeon’s Software Adrenalin 2019 19.1.1 Win7 64bit
I did this specifically because the updated drivers had specified that Predator Hunting Grounds was added to the list of supported games or something like that in the notes
and I ran into a weird problem. Everytime I launched it, it decides that the window is widescreen.
Everything in the settings still is the same as i had it but at 1980x1080 fixed windowed…etc. But now each time i go to adjust that setting, no matter what setting, it will always look like widescreen ratio format.

Do I need to delete my Saved Games folder once again to fix this? As i know this process incudes video settings.

Anyone know?

I have since reverted back to the old drivers but it is a shame since everything else works as normal and I could probably use the updates for my driver. Just PHG is being a dork.