Can someone tell me how to use the grenade launcher on mercenary 87 on ps4

Press down button on left side of your controller
It will switch your fire to grenade
Also don’t use an ammo create at the beginning of the match if you found one , it’s not giving you extra ammo or anything else (just for more info)

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Thank you

You put a cylindrical object in the whole then it explodes


And that’s how babies are made

Those teammates that take all 3 ammo crates at the start of the match must be stopped😭


This reason alone is why I wish there was an option for friendly fire.


And buy a headset

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I blow the barrels up on them … and then look the other way
Worth it😭😭

first throw out PS4 into dumpster. But if its a PS4 Pro…well put that shit right back where you got it.unless itstoo late.