Here's a suggestion fix the Clean sweep mission

The tech officer on the Clean Sweep mission bugs out and doesn’t spawn in properly. So the only way the match ends is if the timer runs out, FT all die, or the Predator is dead.
Please @IllFonic fix these kinds of problems when you get back


And maybe wile your at it add some extra steps to those mission that can be completed in under 2 minutes, or at least move some of the objectives around

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I used that on purpose


Sometimes i do too. Just to be British illiterate. Like Bear Grylls Propa!

Anyways this mission needs to be fixed

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Yeah I had something like this happen today. I thought we did something wrong, didn’t know it was a common thing. Also why isn’t this in bug reports with all the other bugs.

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Because Illfonic want us to post suggestions

So I’m posting a suggestion for them

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So many 👀

sometimes British illiteracy makes me nose bleed proper.


I’m assuming this was one of the missions that glitched out when I was playing as pred in the tournament months ago. I’m surprised it’s still glitched lol

I can’t remember witch one that they got, but yeah it hasn’t been fixed

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