Hey i Really Doubt this but uh

would anyone be abble to drop a Link for ultimate wolf predator neca figure?

i’ve been looking around and the only ones i was abble to find were ones that were used and had either Broken parts or missing Parts.

im looking to get something for my Youger Brother. he just saw AVPR the other day and his Birthday is coming up in a few months i really wanted to see if i could get him wolf.

Thanks ^w^

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Good luck finding it cheaper, that figure is out of print. Time to break out the K-Y jelly cuz it’s after market price gouging time!

Here’s a site with a bunch of stuff
I’m sure you’ll find something.





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Nah with what they are charging for that there is no lube involved and sorry no reach around either.

Unless you want to buy S.H Monsterarts Wolf / Heavily Armed Wolf, I’d suggest on waiting till NECA remakes Wolf.

Just wait for Neca’s Ultimate Wolf, sure it has been tease QUITE SOME TIME AGO, but it will come eventually.

Try buying him Borg, he is Brand new and quite cool

Or the new battle damaged City Hunter



Found this, that price is little uhhh…I mean depends on how much you love your brother lol

Reviews from seller aren’t too bad either, check out ones with pics and actual details though.

Amazon does do good on returns and BS sales so you got a safety net.

Last check 1230am EST time, had one in stock


I ended up Finding the NECA Dog Alien on ebay for 15$ and the Jungle Hunter Predator for 28$ so i just thought rather then spending 50-60$ on one toy i spent the same and got my bro 2, Steve if your reading this Happy birthday little bro! ~<3