Hey kass, let us do voice lines for the game.

Look this games a mess.
But @Kassinaillia
Tell illfonic that they should choose some members off the forum to re do some lines in the game, A.I. lines, and occasionally have those community read lines be said in game.

@Weevo540 should get the “motherfucking bugs”

@REYNOSO_FUA11 should get the “you hear that” or something with hearing involved.

I want “Get fucked” or “fuck you” or “I’ve got you now”

@Forever_Mello should get " I need some fucking ammo" but the A.I. says it when reloading.

I dont know who else would be interested in this, but this would be an easy thing to put in the game, and would actually be a nice little second anniversary thing to do.


I would say more “hey speak up I can’t hear shit!” Or “WHAT?! YOU SAY SOMETHING?!”


I’ve got some voice lines I’ve recorded of myself almost ready to go lol. Typical lines like What is that? or Focus on the mission. Things one of the basic FT classes would say. Unfortunately, they sound like shit… Waiting for the nice mic I ordered to get here so I can make them sound smooth and authentic

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I think you’re better suited to just do the pig noises honestly man.

Or maybe the one where the A.I. is scared.

I can totally hear you saying, “out, I need out!”

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I volunteer my services 👍🏻

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Lmao for which line?
Like this is a goofy idea, but if you could choose one line to do. Which one?

I would record the line “I’m gonna fuck your mom”


Is it new lines? Or from existing ones?

I’m out, I need out, I’m out, I’m out

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Lmao, I love that line.

Existing ones.

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Honestly I’d even do the “hey man are you ok?” Line.

I’m down to help too!

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i can create some pred clicks

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I was thinking just A.I. lines, but might as well do ft and pred too.

I can voice “Want some candy?” reaaaaal nice. The yautja aren’t the only predators on the hunting grounds, heheheeee~

With extra love,
Ol’ Herbert

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That would be incredibly funny, not gonna lie haha. If we had free reign over the Predator IP, I would definitely be pushing for this 🤣


I just want the legendary Isabelle Tarzan scream for when I jump off a cliff!🤣🤣

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Let danny zunno say after predator miss a shot "miss me with that beech arrooowwwws hahahahahahaha "



But that’s the thing Hunter, no matter how many arrows are sticking out of his face he will STILL say that🤣🤣🤣

Heck he’s still fuckin saying it when I’m long claiming him🤣🤣🤣🤣