Hey yoooooo

@richterbryan yooooo mannnnn was that a pre made? Goooddd game shittt you ended my streak I hope to play that team again damn you guys did great woowwwwww I’m so proud I started recording cuhz I remembered your user name lmaoao if you wanna see the footage just let me know lmao and it’s okay you broke my disc I love it but what ever lmao

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Wow great game 👍😂

Yo post it

Got it lemme upload it then I’ll send the link

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Just ran into this Predator that player amazing and said gg in the game char cause he beat us and he was extremely toxic to the gg. Was clearly a pussy boi lol

Lmao 😂 your teams crazy good I couldn’t get any good shots here’s the video


The power of a well coordinated ft is a force to be hold

Every time I make ideas for future pred ideas I base it off teams like yours because when facing potato’s it’s always gonna be easy but I wanna even the playing fields for badass teams like yours dude 😂

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@ArtforBlood awww we just killed ypu

Great Match vs a Awesome Alpha

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The accuracy and timing of all those grenades took me off guard not gunna lie. I got a lil greedy with my health bar unfortunately. But over all gg close one. Hopefully I get to hunt you again… ill be coming g for blood and vengeance lol

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Happy hunting man. We always up for a challenge ggs mam