Hidden gems

What’s the most recent single player game you beat that wasn’t a mainstream title like read dead 2, gta v, spiderman etc that you would recommend to other players?

I literally just finished Sniper Elite 4 and let me tell you, that game always an absolute blast!

I picked it up on sale for $20 and the season pass for $7

It has 12 open ended missions (dlc included)

It’s a stealth action game with an emphasis on you guessed it…sniping

On the harder difficulties you have to take into account wind, distance and muzzle velocity

It’s kinda tricky but once you get the hang of it, sniping your enemies becomes very satisfying as you get better scores if you explode thier testicles or eyeballs

It’s the best sniper game period.

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An older one, custom robot for the gamecube.
Not too many ppl played it but it’s fun as hell.

Theres a bunch more, but honestly they’re all older games.

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Nothing from this generation?

Can it be a triple A game that flopped?

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If u say anthem I swear to god


Though if I had to actually give an answer Hades so far has been really good and way before that pathfinder kingmaker was very good if you’ve got 200 hours to kill

Oh and then yakuza series (though it’s more mainstream now I think was always good same with persona series)

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Maybe EDF 5.
But you really gotta like that type of game.
Cluster fuck chaos.

Games just arent as good as they used to be.


Witcher 3, underrated hidden gem
Baldur’s gate 3, it’s still in early access but if you liked DOS you’ll love it

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Dude I loved EDF 4 with a friend


Anthem played pretty well.
Just a shame there was nothing to do.
The controls felt good.


Edf 2025 is by far my fav of the series.


Sure but it wouldn’t fit with the topic

Oh awesome I have to check that out!

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It was on ps3 lol. But I loved it.

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Nino Kuni 2. The best is seeing this visual wonder it really is like watching a STudio Gibli film but actually playing it. The game pathway which is openworld is 80hr but you can easily double that with scoring and buying stuff.

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I can’t wait until they release Anthem 2.0 (as i heard). That game (which i haven’t played but watched videos of) really is visually the most awesome game to come out in 2019 or whenever it was. Sadly ppl complained about it as much as The Dvision. which i also thought was great visually but suffered on the gameplay grind.

Terminator Resistance

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I’m not huge into graphics.
Like I prefer an cellphone shaded style or something simple. My main concern is how well a game plays.

If it feels great then it can have a 16 bit look to it for all I care lol.

As far as anthem goes, it would be crazy and cool of it made a comeback.

Not really ‘hidden’ most fans of the genre have heard of it, but SpellForce is awesome and the 3rd one only has ~1k reviews on steam. Great games you’ll probably like them if you liked the Warcraft 3 campaigns

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Hunter : The Reckoning