Hiding inside mountains - cheating

Hi. I want to know they do that. Is this allowed?

As you can see on the pictures below one of the fireteam members (Fantasma_Jungla) just hide somehow inside the mountain in map HeadQarters. He can shoot me but I can’t fire him back because of the wall texture which obviously stops only mine weapons.

@Guecha_Ikal_Tupad you got a fan here pal

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fantasma is known for this stuff

deal with it, never going to get fixed

and who the fuck plays samurai pred lol its pretty much the worst one

Worse one? I have max 2 losses per day. Games ends between 2-4 min. Maybe too many noobs out there.

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What do you do, run axe and spam pistol

:D I got you know. So u are one of my fans. I play this game from maybe from two months. I didn’t know I became so popular. Let me put it to you this way: I don’t think I’m doing anything different than other predator players. Btw are you one of these cheaters?. I don’t remember names. This is my first and looks like the last topic because I see no point so far.

It doesn’t matter how much you protest under your microphones in the game because I mute all. Just want to tell you that. Save your screams for something else.

Eh, that’s what I thought

Git gud and play scout with bow and disc before coming back and bragging about how you win all the time

Shure. Next time I will play exactly as you say.

I apologize in advance.

This game is recorded on my Twitch, he is POTATO Predator

Show load out

You got a twitch? Share a link and I’ll follow you

twitch. Predator: Hunting Grounds Fantasma sniper ?? 1 de 25 disparoos KK

playing against him 1:06… I think it’s him

What was the username

He changes it

Shvibidiviks 1:06:30 in video Twitch

I’m touched…



go hide inside the mountains like Guecha_Ikal_Tupad. I’m expecting you in his next video.

you are an idiot, he is only telling you a great truth! you use the ax bug to win games, I use the rocks bug to win games, both of us…we’re cheaters…aaahhhh and you…spammer with the pistol

there is something else… the two screenshots you posted are of firesteam potatoes… I’m surprised!!

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