hierarchical ranks

I think the predator lacks a hierarchical ranking system.
Where you can choose your yautja between different variants or races and then begin to “grow” ascending the ranks.
You should create a tree of hierarchies where your predator can access new weapons, improve your style skills and manipulate the statistics of life, equipment, resistance and speed within limits obviously.
I think this would be a totally decent customization system for both yautja and human.
Then we would have to talk about the change of armor, wristbands and others …
And that each player should be able to choose what type of armor their predator should wear within what is available to date.
I know this would not give more life to the game but more immersion
We don’t need 100 skins for our yautja, we need better customization.
And this is one of my simplest requests, compared to creating complicated game modes xD
Whether they listen to me or not this request is another matter.
Even though I think I’m not the only one who asks for it.

It’s 2021. Hierarchies are bad now for some reason.

without a marked hierarchy, there is only chaos

Todays weaklings can’t handle it. That’s why I mostly work with the same cast and crew on all my movies.

Weak men create hard times.
hard times create strong men

James Cameron creates James Cameron.

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