High ping as a predator

How do i fight? I’m on ps5. Tips Please.

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first punch a wall with your fist. Does it hurt?

Result A. Pain is felt.
Answer: Go see a doctor.

Result B. You like the feeling of your fist hitting concrete,
Answer: Go into a coke fight competition and win lots of money.

NOTE: I have your support (needs at least 2x winnings for positive review).

only use plasma caster vs fireteam, if day map use dithered lens perk, game is fucked if you have high ping as predator, its not gonna be a fair fight

Do you have a video?

High ping at night:

High ping at day:

Thank You!!! as a reward I shall give you my seed

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Anyone else who wants to give their seed to Sam? You can send it to him in a plastic bottle or plastic bag, both are fine.

I cant do it my seed is Godly

I accidentally busted a nut under @SammyToeJr s’ feet and this happened:

All y’all need Jesus.

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