Hitman III

Launches January 20, 2021

12 days from now

Who is else is hyped?!

I’ve been a fan since Silent Assassin

This could be Agent 47’s last mission for some time as the studio is reportedly working on a next gen 007 game

I might even get a PSVR

It’s so cool that all the missions from the first two games are included if you own them


Hitman blood money is one of my favourite ps2 games.

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That was a great game

It sucks that the HD remaster is more janky than the original release

Luckily I still have it for 360

Hitman contracts was really good too.

I didn’t play the HD remaster.

I played the recent Hitman for PS4 and that was a decent game too.

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I hope they bring back the hideout where you have all your guns on the wall etc

Yeah, I think I remember that.

Hopefully Hitman 3 doesn’t disappoint.

I have yet to be disappointed

It’s one of my favorite series

The VR looks really fun

Hitman absolution was kinda lame.

It was way more streamlined for sure

I dug the cinematic approach though

Definitely better than any of the movies lol

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It didn’t feel like Hitman to me, it was too restrictive.

Yeah, it was definitely better than the movies. All the hitman movies were garbage.

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The VR looks fucking incredible, Im tempted to get it, I’ll most likely wait a couple days after its out until more full release gameplay comes out, cause if the vr is the way they say it is for sure then.

Btw get a psvr regardless lot of good games that your missing out on.

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What are other good be games and how r the graphics?

I havent tried a PSVR so I have no idea what to expect so I’m reluctant to slap down the $399

So far I would play Hitman III, RE7 and star wars squadrons

The visor is I think 720p? Its not like the Oculus ot the Valves headset but its servicble

Games that I reccomend

Beat Saber
Budget Cuts
Espire VR(Metal Gear in VR basically
Skyrim VR
Tetris Effect
Astrobot rescue mission
Five Nights at Freddys Help wanted
Walking Dead Saints and Sinners
No Mans Sky

If the game is built from the ground up in VR the graphics are good.

What about motion sickness/headaches?

Thats a case by case, you can build up a tolerance kinda like sea legs but for VR, games that have been built with VR in mind aren’t bad usually. Dont dive into Skyrim first or games that weren’t made with VR only in mind, but you get used to it.

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See for $400 at the end of a consoles life cycle I don’t know if it’s worth it for me

Fair cause most likely there devolping a new version if you have money to burn get it, if not wait for the new version.

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Just finished the main campaign and my final score is 9/10

The coolest part of this game is that you can play the locations from the previous games for free if you already own them

Now time to get silent assassin rankings for all the missions without using instinct

I really want to play this game , I bought the first of the newest ones on pc but I haven’t installed it yet . I always liked the hitman games . Hopefully this one comes on sale


It just came out a month or so ago though

Which is fine because it looks like you have some catching up to do