Bramble: The Mountain King
Just played the demo and was holyfucked
Its like a cross between The Shadow of Colossus and prince of persia i guess. But more so like Eco.
The visuals are astounding and if you think you could run PHG, then you can for sure run this game.
Set it to 50% scaling in the settings with the FSR and you’re good to go!
Officially comes out April 27,2023 but i have no idea what the price will be.Probably 80 bucks since most new games are like that now.

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You mean Ico?

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yes ico

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Those were great games.
I havent heard of this one before.

I was like I saw a thumbnail on youtube and thought no way that is a game cus i thought it was photoshoped, but nope. The depth of feild on the camera literally gives this game its character.
Some freaky moments i might add.

It doesnt really look good, cause im not into those type of games. As someone said it’s like little nightmares.

it looks wild. but you’re right it does play kind of like that game but i’ve never played that game. demo is free anyway.

Damn it, now I’m horny.

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Thats how to get children.

Saw some game play the other day looks interesting is it only gonna be a steam game or console game?

its going to be on all platforms.

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I have enough of those already 😄 , I wake up in a dazed fever driven sweat every night, but then I remember i didnt actually lose money on PHG…i got a refund.

I sleep like a baby after that.

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Isn’t this just Little Nightmares with a more generic artstyle?

with Nordic folk lore. C’mon people. I mean if it was set in the world of Mass Effect you would probably say its not like Little Nightmares either.