Holyshit Raised by Wolves is a masterpeice!

Anyone else on this kick too? It just came out and so far we are 5 episodes are in!

and the holy shit part is that every episode is re-watchable like a genuine musical opus!

I don’t want to say much about it…but Ridley Scott directed the first two he also Executive produced with productions at Scott Free Productions along with a few others, then his brother directed the next few.
It was written by Aaron Guzikowski whom wrote some other stuff…but when Ridley Scotts involved suddenly everything turns Ridleyverse and it’s freakin fantastic in the Ridleyverse kind of way.

FUNFACT: There is a prominant Prometheus visual which includes these LED dotted 3D images for just about everything that is holographic.

FUNFACT: The actor playing Father is none other than Abubakar Salim who voiced Bayek from Assassins Creed Origins (which i spent hours playing!).

“From the producers that watched Elfen Lied”

Anyway Scott just reuses the same old themes for everything these days. Hot take but he hasnt directed a good movie since Alien.