Horizon Forbidden West!!

I throughly Enjoyed the First One!!! And Player through it many times!!

The second Installment looks fantastic!!!

The Gameplay they showed looks like a Prologue of sorts!!! Thats why it looks so linear in my opinion!!!

Cant Wait!! Finally a studio that does good work!!
Cant wait!


Might not be a prologue, may be partially through the game itself.

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Maybe maybe not! Looked way to linear to me.

Either way cant wait to find out!!

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Wheres @Finessogy he should be here calling this game a piece of trash and dated graphics with mediocre mechanics. While i’m here getting ready to throw my first through his skull to claim him. Sorry just wanted to hate breed.

It’s linear because it’s a story mission. Most games have these as awesome set pieces, training missions or to advance the story of the game. A story based game almost always needs to have some parts on rails, like the truck chase in uncharted 4. We will probably have a lot more freedom in other parts of the game.

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Why are people complaining about her face?

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Idk! She looks more real now!

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