how dare you.

You know who you are.
Ya, YOU.

I know what you did

Fucking disgusting.


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Oh you’re not safe from this either.
I know EXACTLY what you did slasher.

I cant even BEGIN to talk about what you did.

How do you sleep at night?

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Like a baby. 🥱😴


Lol I’m fkn bored.
My game fkn crashed right now >_<

I just want this game to stop crashing, >_<

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We’re half way through the month and I imagine the patch will drop as soon as it’s out of certification. They probably just want to make sure they have it fixed by then. I know I would, nothing worse than a new mode that no one can enjoy because it needs more than a dozen stable connections to get a full match.

Funny, just had a thought. These rash of crashes and instability might actually have been caused by them adding bits of the new mode into the code with the last update. We might actually need the rest of the modes code just so it will stop.
(What I wouldn’t give to have more information.)

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I just crashed yet again T_T.

I dont wanna play anything else >_<.
But if this happens again I might have to go play skyrim.

Try rebooting your game, it seems to help if you close out and establish another connection. It’s probably just noise I’m noticing but it doesn’t hurt to try.

You mean restart my ps4?
Cause when I crash I have to reset my game.

Yeah, or you could just reconnect to the PSN.

Typically I reset my system but I’ve done that twice. It’s not a connection issue, I think you might be right, that its because we dont have the full code for the new mode.

Sigh…I hope it’s not like this on new mode release.

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Is it bad I pushed that kid into Harambe enclosure

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I wanted to watch the world burn

I know you do.

You could come play seige with me.



I will totally fight you in sf5

430 at the play ground be there or be square

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I fkn hate it and rather play sf 3rd strike but il do it

Full disclosure I haven’t played since IV and have not practiced a SINGLE combo set or move lol