How Do You Gain More Veritanium With Predator After Level 150?

Since I leveled up to 150 after every match when I play the predator I only get between 100 to 200 veritanium. Is there any way I can get more than this? I really don’t want to grind veritanium from private matches by myself over and over again.

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Daily/weekly by playing FT. Aside for that, no idea. I got almost 800.000 of them and nothing to do with it.

Are there any perks I could be using to help with this?

Nope. You just have to do the Dailys and Weekly as Fireteam, play more Fireteam matches because the payouts are better. It sucks, but it’s the Devs way of trying to reduce Pred waiting times.

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That sucks. I actually don’t mind the waiting times. I usually smoke a cig or on my phone until I find a match.

The thing is too that a game like dead by daylight doesn’t suffer from these issues

It took Dead By Daylight 4 years to get its servers in order before then Killer wait time was same as Predator if not more, it takes time to iron out servers and other technical problems, and Dead By Daylight was buggier than this around the 4 month mark granted they had a little more content, but also there first dlc was in August so they didnt have monthly content updates.

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Gotta play ft dawg