How To Defuse Like a Master In Predator Hunting Grounds


It goes From Easy and up to Master, for all new players trying to learn the game

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it gets easier after you get more confident and experience

when i first tried defusing, i would screw one up and panic bc im abt to blow up and i try to run but blow up

if you can, get a team member who knows how to do it on standby to help you shoot the mask off and kill it, then have the 4th symbol if you screw up and abt to blow up

everyone gets XP hooray

nomber 1 suace!

Lol I’m so good I literally wait till he is about to explode to put the final input just to scare my team lol 😂

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Lmao I just let it explode when idiots just start shooting the dead Predator body.
It pisses me off because they all sit there and disrespect the Pred acting like they did something

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Il diffuse then t bag and shoot the pred.
But more than anything I just like trying to get good pictures.

Here’s one of @JimHarbaughWQLVE dying yet again recently.

Zues’s orders.
Take a picture of the body.