How to do the predator clicking noise with your mouth

So, uh. This is kinda a guide / question thing.

This is how I attempt to do the predator noise.

  1. Bare teeth, sorta smile. Get teeth as close as possible without touching top teeth to bottom.

  2. Touch tongue to the top of your mouth, right behind your top teeth.

  3. Blow out of your mouth normally. Now, use your uvula while blowing, and you should feel a vibrating near the middle of your throat. Make sure you don’t have any spit in your mouth while doing this. Keep practicing.

4.Make sure to not attempt to force the noise, be calm, and do it lightly. Think of it as an instrument, don’t blow hard, it makes the noise break up, do it very light, like a whistle of an alien skull collector, not the aggressive blowing of an alien skull collector.

Practice this for a few hours, days, weeks, and pucker, or widen out your lips for higher or lower clicks, and direct your lips up for low clicks,
down for high pitched clicks.

It isn’t perfect, but it should work.

So, to anyone responding, tell me how you make the noise, and how this method worked for you!

I can simply use my tongue to make those deeper clicking noises, but the best one is when I breath in and I use a combination of throath, tongue and nose to mimic the sounds. I also can do the last process but by releasing air, it sounds more like dying clicking noises(Like Scar’s).

I just tried that myself and it worked pretty well. I’ve noticed there are many ways to do the noise, and they all sound slightly different. Sometimes I just try random stuff and it will kinda work, but I’ve met a lot of people who can do it really good, and none do it the exact same. It’s pretty cool actually, how everyone figures out a different way to do the same noise.

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Been praticing for over a decade now… what works for me is you need to have a tiny bit of saliava (i know gross) to make it sound almost perfect but its all in the tongue position and that back wall of your throat and the top wall…

I think this is the best i can get to sound almost as fluid as the creator lol or even better…

Yeah, sometimes I try to use saliva, but it works best for me to use my uvula and the shape of my teeth to modify the noise coming out. I can usually use saliva, but sometimes I accidentally just start gurgling or it sounds too spitty.

Practice Rolling your Rs then remove the R sound.

Whenever I try it that way I sound like I’m whistling, but if I couldn’t whistle worth a crap lol. My tongue just stops rolling and I start making this noise, “fwoooooooooooof”

there is another way, and is with the diafragma, if u are a beatboxer and now how to use your breath in making the sound. is quite easy:))

Sounds like a neat oral technique I’ll have to try it.